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{May 13, 2009}   why christians hate gay marriage

So Miss California gets to keep her crown.  Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe pageant and self-proclaimed Master of the Universe, graciously allowed Ms Carrie Prejean to keep her title after causing much controversy over her views on gay marriage (and even less controversy over her teenage semi-nude photos – which, really, come on, isn’t THAT more of a morality issue?!  i digress…).  I know a lot of my friends who didn’t grow up in church (and even some that did) wonder why Christians are so gosh darn adamant against gay marriage.  I mean, seriously, why would any true Christian American be so intolerant seeing as how it was Jesus Himself who hung out with the then “sinners” of society – prostitutes, tax collectors, pork eaters and the like.  Additionally, America was built on the idea of religious tolerance (well, unless of course, you were Native American, b/c then you’re just a savage – again, I digress).  People fled harsh European governments that meddled in their religious affairs and persecuted them for their practices to American soil where they could worship freely.  So why does it seem like American Evangelicals are so narrow-minded and passionate about prohibiting gays from getting married?  Why do they feel this right to impress their beliefs on an entire nation (of which is becoming less and less Christian each year)?  Why is it so important that EVERYONE abide by the rule that marriage is between a man and a woman (note that I’m not even saying that the Bible says this – again, I digress).  


It bothers me that non-church people don’t understand why – but it bothers me even more when Christians don’t even understand why.  Of course, I must put in a disclaimer that my reasonings may not hold true for all.  It is simply this: Matthew 5:13.  Basically – “You are the salt of the earth.”  For the longest time I didn’t really understand what this passage meant…um..ok…I’m salt?  Wha?  It wasn’t until I read Smith Wigglesworth when I finally understood.  Jesus likens His followers as salt b/c salt preserves the food that it’s added to and also adds flavor for the person eating the food.  In the same way, we as believers are supposed to preserve this world and make it “flavorful” to God so that He is pleased (and won’t destroy us all).  So the motives of many Christians is basically to avoid God’s wrath.  This may have been the root of Jerry Falwell’s comments blaming homosexuals for the 9/11 attacks, which, if heard outside of the church, will seem like complete insanity.  But within the church, Falwell was simply remarking on the moral decay of the nation that is leading to God’s open wrath.


So in essence, Christians’ point of view is that they are trying to save the world from judgment (or at least delay it b/c you and I both know the world’s a pretty messed up place).  It’s kinda like global warming – you know it’s happening, but we can delay its impending progress.  But with any social activism, there is a spectrum of fanaticism.  Some people take it too far and are completely homophobic to a dangerous level and others will probably just vote for prop 8 or other anti gay marriage legislation but won’t be so outspoken such that they’re perceived as intolerant.


With that being said, I suppose I should share how I feel on the matter seeing how I’m a Christian and I’m gay.  My view is that prohibiting same-sex marriages is unconstitutional (even if most Christians view it as a sin).  The State cannot restrict civil rights from a specific group of their citizens – it’s unconstitutional and prejudiced.  My hot, sexy girlfriend had a brilliant idea of getting rid of marriage in general and only allow State sponsored civil unions (in which any couple can be joined – hetero or same-sex).  And if a couple wants to get married in the church, well, let that be up to the individual church.  I think this would be ideal – but can you imagine trying to do this?  I don’t know how well that’ll go over with conservative groups.  


I think the NH same sex marriage bill hit it on the nose, though.  There’s a clear distinction between civil and religious marriages.  Under law, same-sex civil marriages would be permitted but religious marriages would be left up to the denomination or church to conduct.  A nice clean and clear line between Church and State.  A number of states have recently legalized same-sex marriage and there are others following suit (NY doing me proud by passing it in the Assembly – but my home CA hurting me with Prop 8).  It’s an exciting time to bear witness to.  Although I don’t think Miss California is very excited…


mulloverthis says:

Hello. As a Christian, I’d have to disagree with just about all of your post. So clearly, you don’t speak for all Christians who oppose gay marriage. However, I see your point of view. In a nutshell, as a Christian, I oppose gay marriage because I believe it is wrong. Period. And, REAL Christians understand that God is our Father, Jesus is the head of the Church, and we are to live according to the Word of God. In other words, we may come to God with our own viewpoints, but once we search out what God says according to the Bible, we live as best as we can to conform to what God desires of us. In a lawless world, God becomes what we want. But, none of that changes the Word. Part of God’s love, and He said it best in His Word, is those that love him, keep His commandments. He loves us, but we must love Him. Personally, I believe God’s principles are what make humanity one (where we find ourselves in what He desires, not the whim of every individual). As for unconstitutional, there are good arguments, but not enough proof for blanket convincing. Things are changing. I hope you are open to other points of view. Mulloverthis

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